Air-Check Service


Today, the air around us is filled with dust, pollution and a lot of air pollution. Of course, if we are in a place with various air pollution for a long time, it will definitely negatively affect our body in the long run. Especially those with chronic diseases such as allergies, may make a lot of money for medical care.

Weather check will help you know The air mass we breathe every day is clean or contaminated. that caused much disease which dust and mold It can often occur in closed locations. and is dangerous to health Both short-term and long-term, we have checked the weather before and after. In order to be confident in the air that we take care of

Procedure for checking the weather

  • Check the overall weather conditions.
  • Check the dust value PM 2.5
  • Carbon Dioxide Check
  • Check the humidity notify the result of the
  • Check before and after service

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